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What is The Webmaster Journey?

22 August, 2013
What is this website about and why should you read it? The short answer is, it is where I write about the things I learn along my journey of running great free websites, and I show you the way how you can do it too!
In short, it is an evolving collection of tips, tricks and anecdotes from my personal journey as a 'freeloader' webmaster. Yes, that is right. I run a network of quality websites, and I run them at almost no expense* out of my pockets. I run them using many of the free (yet reliable) services provided by various technology companies, especially Google.

What topics can be read in The Webmaster Journey?

I write about the various things related to website domains, free blogging and hosting platforms, ideas and techniques to develop state-of-the-art websites on free platforms, security aspects, backup and contingency plans, search engine optimization, analysis of website traffic, ideas to improve traffic, monetize traffic, useful third party tools & widgets, and many other things that I learn, read about, think about about, improvize and implement during this journey as Webmaster.

Most of the things I talk about are free, and will empower you to create and improve your web presence without costing money.

Why should you read The Webmaster Journey?

In this modern internet age, almost everybody can and should create a web presence in form of a blog or website. It is relatively easy, has many benefits and is free or almost free*!

For example you just want to share your views with the world, a personal website is a great way to do so. But you may ask, why should you make a blog/site when you can share views with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc anyway? Well there are so many good reasons to have your own website. Go read that post and make up your own mind :) Once you decide to make a blog/website, and would like to know how to best make it for free (or almost free*), or if you already have a blog and would like to know how to make it better in various ways, this site will help you.

(My own presence on the internet started in mid 2008 with a blog, which has today become a part of my website network at blog.stupidosaur.net)

If you are a creative person, say a painter, a photographer, a poet, a cartoonist, a sculptor, or any other kind of artist, a website is a great way to showcase your content, get exposure to a wider audience and perhaps get future leads and commissions! This site will help you implement your website, without the typical high expenses of renting server space, hiring programmers, etc.
(I myself showcase my photos at pics.stupidosaur.net and make cartoons at comics.stupidosaur.net
If you have special skills, knowledge and expertise, which you would like to share with the world (you can literally have a worldwide audience!) and make them useful to the world, again a website is ideal for it and this site will help you do that at almost no cost*
(As you can see I am myself trying to help people out, by sharing my limited (but useful) expertise on making good free websites on this blog!)
If you are a small business, a web presence may help spread the word about you and bring you customers. But you may be reluctant to jump in because of costs involved. What can be better than trying out making free website? You can get a domain (which costs small amount of money) and build a website on free platform, to test the waters, to make your feet wet. If the idea works for you, you may keep the free platform website, and if it works very well, you might even build a more professional website at the same web address by spending more money later! This blog will help you with the first step - creating an initial web presence, with almost no cost overheads.
Last but not the least, whatever website you create, be it a personal blog, showcase of creative talents, sharing expertise or knowledge, or creating a basic website for your business, the free website itself can earn you revenue if you put paid advertisements, affiliate links to sell other people's products, etc on your website. I'd say that is a great deal! Almost no expense* and a chance of income! Of course, the amount of income depends on the nature of your website, its topic, its content quality, the amount of readers it gains, and much more. How much your site could earn for you, only you can find out by actually trying out. My blog can help show you the way!
So what are you waiting for? Subscribe right away, or read existing articles to decide if it is worth your time! I do try to make it worthwhile :)
*I said 'almost free' a few times because there is one expenditure I consider essential for a website, and that is purchase of a domain. The domain is the basic web address of your website. For example the domain for this site is stupidosaur.net  Although it is possible to use public free platforms without your own domain, there are huge advantages of getting your own domain (article coming soon) by making the minor investment of around $5-$20 per year (varies depending on who you buy the domain from.)
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